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Nauðr (2018)with Xenoyr @theinvertedwomb

Nauðr (2018)
with Xenoyr @theinvertedwomb


I've been worshipping the gods for a whil…

I've been worshipping the gods for a while now and I'm interested in rune casting and magic but I'm not really sure where to start and i just need some information. I was wondering if you could help me out?

This has sat in my drafts forever so I’m just gonna admit I’m never gonna be satisfied and just post it. By all means ask questions and start conversations in reblogs and stuff.

I get questions like this a lot and I’m kind of at a loss for how to answer. My response has gone through a bunch of different attempts, none of which really worked. I’m just gonna rant about my thoughts about divination and maybe that can either help readers to:

  • think about divination in ways you hadn’t considered before


  • not want to ask þorraborinn about divination ever again

This got kinda long so the rest is behind a break. It’s probably a somewhat heavier and less helpful answer than anyone is looking for but I think by now people should probably be expecting that from me.

For the magic part I’m just gonna refer you to:

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Today starts the annual sale of all the pieces…

Today starts the annual sale of all the pieces from the ErilaR collection, with up to 40% discount. I’ve also decided to offer the sold out Fé pendant for pre-order, so those of you who inquired about it could profit from the sale 😊

On the photo : Hardangervidda, Norway ❄️
Captured by @david.prsl

Runes of birch “The Elder Futhark”

Runes of birch “The Elder Futhark”

Slavic god Rod

Slavic god Rod

Oaken comb “Runic power”

Oaken comb “Runic power”

Aw poor loki, i know man, it’s so awkwar…

Aw poor loki, i know man, it’s so awkward when you fathers ravens tell him that his new pet is also his grandson.
It’s OK loki, we have all ben there.

Odin always knows….

Odin always knows….

I normally I don’t give Odin red clothin…

I normally I don’t give Odin red clothing but prefer gray,black,brown ore blue.

But this is when he was yunger and I like to think of him a lot more wilde and cocky. More like Loki and Thor.
After he gained the wisdom of the world’s he got more like the Odin we know and love today.
Ofcorse this is just a un serious comic about mythology, and not a “this is how it was”
I love to think of the Norns as sassy old know it all grandma’s 😂😂😂

“Who els but not Loki” *themesong …

“Who els but not Loki” *themesong starts playing*