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Icelandic magical symbol

Stafur til að vekja upp draug, To invoke ghosts and evil spirits.


Rapist’s Ruin

You are known to me and mine,
Gods and vaettir, all.
You’re malintent seeps like odour
So to my wrath, you’ll fall

Vile creature sat in privilege
You coward predator
No mercy for you here-on
Your actions, its forfeiture

No touch be known to you
Save cruel and sadist pain
No love to reach your heart
Nor cheer within your brain

A life you have toyed with
Now yours is my plaything
Be there ruin upon your name
And erasure to that you cling

I seek here no justice
This be not a trial
I claim only vengeance
Upon whom systems smile

Despair grip your soul
And know you, that all is lost
Feel the fear and desperation
Felt by they, you did accost

In my goddesses’ names
I invoke this bane
May Freyja echo my fury
And of my spite, may Skadhi

May The Rose tear at your innards
With thorns kept ever jagged
May The Snow seek sacred payment;
To see your ilk castrated

Your crimes forever haunt you,
Fool to think that you were safe
My malice in your shadows
Ensuring torment to death’s embrace

With this, now your fate be sealed
As you ever are deserving
No peace for our abusers
While survivors remain hurting!

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My love, support, and desire to protect and avenge to all survivors – you are wonderful and you are precious! You deserve to heal and to be heard <3


Rustic Moon pendant, sterling silver.


psst, hey, you several dipshit fascists that just followed me (and any others that have potentially slipped under the radar) I’m a sapphic, Jewish, transfem, and anarchist with a penchant for either beating nazis or cursing them if they’re out of reach; you’re incredibly unwelcome here so fuck off, you putrescent wastes of carbon.

To everyone else: I love you so much, you’re all amazing and I hope you have the most wonderful day and/or night! <3


Silver runic ring with the Elder Futhark runes.


Vegvísir silver amulet.

I've been worshipping the gods for a whil…

I've been worshipping the gods for a while now and I'm interested in rune casting and magic but I'm not really sure where to start and i just need some information. I was wondering if you could help me out?

This has sat in my drafts forever so I’m just gonna admit I’m never gonna be satisfied and just post it. By all means ask questions and start conversations in reblogs and stuff.

I get questions like this a lot and I’m kind of at a loss for how to answer. My response has gone through a bunch of different attempts, none of which really worked. I’m just gonna rant about my thoughts about divination and maybe that can either help readers to:

  • think about divination in ways you hadn’t considered before


  • not want to ask þorraborinn about divination ever again

This got kinda long so the rest is behind a break. It’s probably a somewhat heavier and less helpful answer than anyone is looking for but I think by now people should probably be expecting that from me.

For the magic part I’m just gonna refer you to:

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Today starts the annual sale of all the pieces…

Today starts the annual sale of all the pieces from the ErilaR collection, with up to 40% discount. I’ve also decided to offer the sold out Fé pendant for pre-order, so those of you who inquired about it could profit from the sale 😊

On the photo : Hardangervidda, Norway ❄️
Captured by @david.prsl

Frigga’s Watch

This child, sweet as rapadura
Their gaze soft as fleece
Frigga, won’t you watch them?
This innocent, that laughs so pure
And sleeps in blessed peace
Frigga, won’t you watch them?
This babe, of untold power
Their laugh so loving and pure
Frigga, won’t you watch them?
This cub, filled with light
And joy set to endure
Frigga, won’t you watch them?

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This piece was requested by @sovereignoblivious

There’s a tune that goes with this one since it’s meant to be a lullaby, so I’ll try and add a link to it once I upload it somewhere… In the meantime and/or instead of mine, feel free to come up with your own melody to sing it to 🙂