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Deep beneath the chill’ed depths
Here, where night ever-reigns
In this abyss my spirit seeks
For you, Mistress of Brine and Chains.
Let that I claim be guarded
My ambition knows no mercy
In your wake my wealth is garnered
And that I cherish, I keep safely.

Deep within the still’ed dark
Here, where-lies the ocean’s kin
In this void my spirit seeks
For you, Keeper of Dream and Dim.
Let that I wish be hidden
Lay undiscovered in the light
A steed of stealth to be ridden
Such is your gift to me, Grand Night

Seel Rán!
Seel Nótt!

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This piece was requested anonymously

Viking axe pendant…

Viking axe pendant

Genderqueer Cheer

Lavender, Floral and Fearless
Great Converger may you keep me
With your pride may I be blessed
And see me bloom in my identity

Silver, Strong and Fair
Seel Loki, my faith is yours
I exist as neither half of a pair
And lay apart from binary laws

Chartreuse, wild and enigmatic
Crux-King, hear my call
Joy be to me emblematic
As within I never falter nor fall.

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This piece was requested by @sovereignoblivious

Night-Call to Loki

Loki, Oh Sly-One
Hear me ‘fore I step to dream
Lay plans with me within my sleep
And on waking bear fruit to our scheme
I hold you in my heart Line-Blurrer
Norms and limits we eschew
Keep me safe in night with you
Disturbed by no aggressor
A barrier laid with traps for the harming
Assuring me my peaceful rest
When arisen once more at morning
My thanks for this time at your breast

Seel Loki

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This piece was requested by @sovereignoblivious

Youth Flare

Loki, lay your cheerful care
Upon this jocund child
Help them ever keep their grin
And gaiety, undefiled

This youth I ask you tend
Their brio in your image
Inspired to their pursuits
As their morale, no one can pillage

‘Pon this child come there a blaze
Blithe Trickster, your brazenness
A warming spirit of humour
So all they know stay harmless.

Seel Loki!

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This piece was requested by @winterautumndreaming

A Midsummer Prayer

On this day my heart is merry
In thoughts of you, my gods
The longest day of year has come
Now I offer toasts and nods

I hold you in my thoughts, great Sol
As I’m longest in your gaze
So I celebrate all life and warmth
You gift me by your blaze
Seel Sol!

I hold you in my heart, sweet Freyja
As your love pervades this air
So I praise all guard and ardor
You bring me through your care
Seel Freyja!

I hold you in my thoughts, bright Baldr
As radiance I enjoy
So I think of your enriched rapport
With all, both proud and coy
Seel Baldr!

I hold you in my mien, soft Freyr
As in peace are my surrounds
So I cherish all fertility
That for this day, abounds
Seel Freyr!

I hold you in my health, young Idunn
As I give thanks for life
So I recognise the fortune
In this day free of all strife
Seel Idunn!

I hold you in my joy, gold Sif
As rich bounty I’ll consume
So I thank your generosity
Of sweet food and perfume
Seel Sif!

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Requested by anon
A prayer for the Summer Solstice

Hello and good day! I have been on my journey …

Hello and good day! I have been on my journey with paganism for awhile now, and was curious on more personal insight from you. this might be a little odd so my apologies. I was wondering, despite the media, what characteristic do you affiliate with each God? Such as; Thor to strength and so on. Next is, what crystals/stones do you affiliate with the gods as well? Specifically Freyja, Mani, and Odin, (but feel free to include others if you have time) Thanks, you can post this on your blog btw!

hey there! 🙂
Hel no that’s not odd – those’re really cool and interesting questions!

Okay so characteristics (I dunno if I’ll be able to keep it to a single word for each but I’ll try my best to keep ‘em short).
I just wanna say first though, that I don’t believe that any of the gods are necessarily the sole patron of any particular trait, activity, or whatever else and I think a lot of them overlap in their spheres of influence a lot so what I’m gonna do is just list the characteristics that I think are the most prominent for each god but just keep in mind that a lot of them will also be applicable to other gods, too, imo:

  • Baldr: Light, Purity, Hope
  • Bragi: Eloquence, Charm, Flirtatiousness
  • Eir: Healing, Peace, Security
  • Fenrir: Revolution, Insurrection, Yearning
  • Forseti: Equilibrium, Resolution, Judgement
  • Freyja: Lust, Pleasure, Fierceness
  • Freyr: Love, Selflessness, Propagation
  • Frigga: Comfort, Wisdom, Solemnity
  • Hati: Ravenousness, Relentlessness
  • Heimdallr: Vigilance, Perception, Liveliness
  • Hel: Serenity, Silence, Pensiveness
  • Hodr: Dark, Responsibility, Redemption
  • Idunn: Rejuvenation, Innocence, Eternity
  • Jormungandr: Boundaries, Mutualism
  • Loki: Subversion, Liberty, Fluidity
  • Magni: (Reactive) Protection, Compassion, Solidarity
  • Mani: Tranquillity, Transcendence, Clarity
  • Modi: Rescue, Inheritance, Improvement (on the past), 
  • Njord: Reciprocation, Oscillation, Exploration
  • Odin: Knowledge, Intellect, Hoaxing
  • Sif: Presentation, Fashion, Dignity
  • Sigyn: Loyalty, Prevention, Conservation
  • Skadhi: Vengeance, Insistence, Menacing
  • Sol: Enlightenment, Invigoration, Positivity
  • Syn: Indomitability, Impassability, Reliability
  • Thor: (Proactive) Protection, Joyousness, Bravado
  • Tyr: Justice, Courage, Discipline
  • Ullr: Competitiveness, Celerity, Recreation
  • Vali: Requital, Maturation
  • Vidar: Sureness, Retribution, Legacy

On a pretty similar note to this, you might also like my Tenets of the Gods post if you haven’t seen it yet.

As for stones and crystals (I’m only doing the gods you specified because I’m already working on a larger project that covers all of the gods and a bunch of different things I associate with them all, including stones), I’ve already covered Odin here so for…

Freyja: Ilmenite, Tiger’s Eye, Julienite, Jasper, Beryllonite, Aphthitalite, Charoite, Valentinite, Tourmaline, Sapphire, Bloodstone, Amazonite, Astrophyllite, Garnet, Hauynite, Stibnite, Chrysocolla, Turquoise, Heterosite, Manganite, Stilbite, Rhodonite, Empressite, Agate, Bowenite, Coral, Sodalite

Mani: Moonstone (shocker, I know), Charoite, Actinolite, Enargite, Luzonite, Aragonite, Moldavite, Australite, Smithsonite, Bentorite, Celestite, Hiddenite, Kammererite, Lepidolite, Amethyst, Peridot, Epidote, Datolite, Anhydrite, Prehnite, Idocrase, Bloedite, Azurite


Survivor’s Peace-ward

From me may there come a glow
That halts all harmful intent’s flow
I’ll be untouched and undisturbed
By he that broke my trust, reserved

(Should he persist, his fate will twist
In vitiating fear he’ll be interred)

By Thor’s might, he’ll meet with squall
Should he attempt to seek my hall
The storm he’d bring, dissipated
His toxic will then left deflated

(Should he bluster, then tempest muster
By Thor’s wrath he’ll be subjugated)

In Freyr’s presence shall I be found
So malefic aims, by peace, be bound
A hand raised will ever fall placid
As aggressors nigh to me are trepid

(Should he assail, he’ll not prevail
In Freyr’s gaze he’ll wither, pavid)

With Syn’s vigilance, no intrusion
Upon my environs by male delusion
All doors to me and mine be locked
As his access to my life is blocked

(Should he encroach, there’ll be reproach
With Syn’s sanction he’ll be bone-rocked)

As Freyja’s terms, I’m safe and free
I’ll thrive and flourish in liberty
Over me, no man can reign
His demands I’ll never entertain

(Should he impose, he’ll see I’m rose
As Freyja’s thorns spring from my veins)

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This piece was requested by @freshfuturistik

The lines inside brackets are an optional curse-trap intended to trigger if the ward is breached.



Heathen/Norse Pagan Asks


**Based on/Inspired by an ask received & answered by norsegodcalls and from trolling through tags**

(This is just a start and if you have any other unique and interesting questions to add, let me know my ask box is open!)

1. How were you introduced/how did you come into Heathenry/Norse Paganism?

2. Who or what inspires you in your practice of Heathenry?

3. If you have or are planning to have children, are they/will they be raised in Heathenry?

4. What do you feel is most important for yourself and the greater Heathen community?

5. What was your favorite Heathen related gathering or event that you’ve attended?

6. Is your significant other (if you have one) also Heathen/Norse Pagan?

7. Which god/goddess do you feel the most connection to? Describe the nature of your relationship with that god/goddess (if any).

8.  What are some unexpected ways the gods have helped you?

9.  Which is your favorite section/story from the Eddas?

10. What is your favorite Rune and how do you incorporate it’s meaning(s) into your everyday life or worship?

11. Do you have any Heathen/Norse Pagan related tattoos? Describe them or post pictures!

12. Do you belong to a Kindred group or do you worship as a Solitary Heathen/Norse Pagan?

13. How does your family feel about your beliefs and practices?

14. What is your favorite holiday in the Heathen/Norse calendar?

15. If you could choose to live in another of the Nine Realms, which would you choose and why? Or if you would rather stay in Midgard, explain why.