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Here People Still Were Using Runes in the 20th Century

In Scandinavia, use of runes ended during the 13th century. In isolated Älvdalen in Sweden, however, inhabitants not only continued using runes but also developed their own language with many Norse elements.

People in Älvdalen (English: the River Valley) used runes as late as the 20th century, so-called Dalecarlian runes. Deep forests and high mountains isolate the valley located in Dalarna County in Central Sweden. The area also has its own language, Elfdalian, still spoken by locals.

In the Nordic countries, runes were the dominant written language before the introduction of Christianity and the Latin alphabet in the 800-900s.

It is know that some places in Gotland and Iceland used runes until the 1600s.

The runes in Älvdalen are found on houses, furniture and the like. They were also carved into wooden sticks that were sent as messages between farms.

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