Other/additional platforms for norsegodcalls


G’day, g’day! 
So… tumblr seems pretty intent on shitting the bed, huh? I mean, I wouldn’t expect any of what’s planned to affect NGC, but nonetheless what they’re doing is absolutely fucked up; number one, it’s quite blatant that it’s gonna target and affect Sex Workers and NSFW artists, which is fucking abhorrent, but then also – as has been well-bloody-known for a while now – their shitty filters flag pretty much anything LGBT+ including SFW content so just… gross, not good, sickeningly SWERFy, and rly LGBT+phobic. Oh, and you know the day they plan to instigate the ban – the 17th – is the

Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers which, just… mate… smh, bloody Hel (not that any of this is new or surprising to me, being the cynical little anarchist that I am, but it’s still disgusting). 
SO! With all this being the case, I just wanted to let you all know – whether you might be planning to abandon tumblr or just might be interested in other ways to get my content – I’ve set up sister accounts and mirrors on other platforms:

(just to be clear; norsegodcalls is still gonna be here, on tumblr, too)

A twitter – @norsegodcalls (due to the character limit obvs tweeting my pieces wouldn’t really work so well but I’ll tweet announcements/links whenever a new piece is posted on here/facebook/wordpress – which I honestly maybe should’ve started doing a long time ago? haha. I’ll also probs do general twitter-stuff with it, and maybe set up a curiouscat..? I dunno, but if you’d like that, let me know.
Oh, and if you want you can also check out my personal twitter – @anarchasapphism

A facebook page – also called norsegodcalls (It’s been there for a while but I’ve kinda neglected it so far, but within the next week-ish i’ll be posting all the pieces I’ve written so far there, as well as all the ones I write in the future. I’ll also probs go through all the asks I’ve answered and pick out the ones I think might be the most useful to make into a general info post or something that I’ll keep pinned. Plus, since it’s facebook, I might do some other stuff there too that I don’t do here… I dunno)

A mirror blog on wordpress – also called norsegodcalls (Just like the facebook it’s been there for a while – longer, actually – and I’ve just kinda neglected it, but within the next week-ish I’ll be copying over all the pieces I’ve written to there as well, and possibly some of the choice asks I’ve answered, too. And it’ll be kept up to date with all the pieces I continue to write in the future)

and lastly,
there’s an email address in case any of you might have any use for it: norsegodcalls@gmail.com

So yea, those’re the alternative and/or additional options if they appeal to you 🙂

(also, I’m really sorry but I am gonna reblog this a few times to give as many people as possible a chance to see it – it’d be cool if you could reblog, too!)