So today I'm going to make my first praye…

So today I'm going to make my first prayer. (To heimdall, I also would appreciate if you told me a prayer about him) I've been kinda putting it off. Cause I feel like the area isn't right enough. But, I'll hope they'll forgive, since it is my first time.

Oh, that’s exciting! I hope it goes well for you 🙂
Unfortunately I don’t have much for Heimdall – I actually can’t recall ever being requested to write something for just them before, and they don’t feature very prominently in my own practice so I haven’t taken the initiative either… but still, HERE is a link to my Heimdall tag, for all the pieces I’ve written that’ve included them. But if you’d like a piece specifically just for Heimdall, I’m always taking requests 🙂
I wouldn’t worry about the area so much. A lot of us aren’t in ideal situations or settings, and while a good area can definitely help – moreso for us to be in the right headspace a lot of the time, I think – I don’t believe it’s a completely stringent requirement.

Good luck! <3