What’s your opinion on Tyr and Fenrir&rs…

What’s your opinion on Tyr and Fenrir’s relationship?

10/10 best friends 🖤 haha

I mean i dunno about everyone else but if I had a dog from a puppy and raised it and loved it and then one day it bit me ‘cause my friend did something shitty to it I wouldn’t be holding a grudge against my dog lol

and really the same deal goes for Fenrir; Tyr’s the only one that’d spend time with him and isn’t afraid of him, raised him and loved him – if someone doesn’t think Fenrir loves Tyr back and can see that the binding wasn’t something Tyr wanted but neither could he stop it, then i dunno but hard disagree haha

the way I perceive things is that Tyr knows that if Fenrir couldn’t be bound, Odin would try more extreme measures, and that Fenrir understands this as well (but a price still had to be payed for the betrayal and Tyr gladly payed it). But, y’know, that’s just my UPG – if someone else thinks they hate each other then that’s fine; you do you 😊