I’m gonna be doing my first ritual/offer…

I’m gonna be doing my first ritual/offering to Fenrir some time soon and idk how to feel about it… Thor opened the door for me but I’ve grown more closer to Tyr… Also, how do you feel about naming rituals for adults? My group leader (we are not a kindred) gave me my “Norse name” and wants to do a naming ritual for me in front of the other members of our group and to the Gods just recognizing me being “reborn” with my new name…

In my experience: If you’re close with Tyr, then Fenrir would be a relatively easy/comfortable connection to make because of their connection with one another. He’s full of love and rage, and just generally very passionate and caring.

I personally don’t feel any sense of particular significance about a Heathen naming ritual (or in taking a “Norse name”, in general) since I’ve never needed a “Norse name” to worship or practice, though I completely understand and accept that others do so my general view is that it’s subjectively meaningful but not objectively necessary… I would actually encourage you to pay more attention to how you feel about it, though, like:
Is it important to you? If not, then I don’t see much point in it other than group-cohesion.
Do you like/identify with your new name? If not then don’t accept any name that you don’t like! (Trust me, if there’s one thing I know regardless of anything else it’s that trying to live with the wrong name fucking sucks! haha – I chose my real name myself and I love it so much! If you’re happy with the name that’s been chosen for you, then that’s great! I mean a lot of people do, after all lol. But just personally, I don’t think I’d ever have trusted anyone else to choose a name for me. No matter what though, if a name is gonna be permanent then it has to fit for you – you have to like it – or it just shouldn’t be your name, imo)
Does everything about the situation feel good and comfortable to you? If not, then don’t do it! Don’t be pressured into it. If you need time to think about it then say so and if you just completely don’t wanna do it then say that too – a truly healthy and supportive group/community will accept your right to individual autonomy and anything else is less than you deserve anyway

However it plays out, I hope it goes well for you and that you’re happy