Do you give blöts to the gods? How is it …

Do you give blöts to the gods? How is it that your worship? And what does it entail to swear yourself to a specific god? Sorry for all the questions, love your blog!

I do give blóts, but they’re nothing all that elaborate tbh.
I worship pretty casually: I generally have the gods in my thoughts in the day-to-day, I pray regularly as I feel like it but not on any kind of schedule, and I dedicate certain activities to them when I think it’s appropriate 🙂
I can’t tell you for sure, as I haven’t sworn myself to a god and I don’t intend to either – I know it’s a big deal and a serious commitment, and not something to do on a whim… @ravenousnightwind would be better to ask for info about it, I think.
No worries – I don’t mind questions 🙂 and thank you very much I’m really happy to hear that! <3