I’m transitioning


Seel everyone! I’ve started a go fund me for my medical transition – I’ve spent longer than I would’ve liked researching, and making sure that I really do want to medically transition but I can definitely say now, that I know without doubt that I absolutely do, more than want: This is what I need.
So yea, I’ve made a go fund me and instead of “maybe buying me a mead” if you like what I do here, now you can “maybe help me transition” if you like what I do here and/or just wanna help a trans girl get rid of her gender dysphoria and body dysmorphia, haha
The link is HERE if you’re interested, and literally – my eternal gratitude if you can help me out (including sharing this around if you can’t donate)! <3

(also, i’m probs gonna do a few reblogs of this over some time so i’m sorry for annoying repeats but, yea… xx <3 )