Sapphic Seeking

Oh Freyja, take my heart
And shape it to a beacon
I long and crave their presence
Love, as I am seeking

Embraced in deepest night
Kissed in morning’s light
Laughter shared, and wishes known
Souls familiar as they’re grown

Sweet Gold Tear, see we meet
In gaze, touch, and beat
Such aching we have felt
For our love in which to melt

Hands held in comfort
Each a promise of protection
Hearts cradled close
With such rhythms of affection

I meet them when I sleep
Feel my desire held most deep
A longing I’ve long had
For this love so true and glad

Love’s Lady, bless me so:
As I have dreamt, so will I know
A slumbered warmth beside me
Such blessed sapphic company

Like my work? Maybe buy me a mead


A love prayer to Freyja for me and all you other lovely, lonely sapphics <3