So I need your opinion on something really qui…

So I need your opinion on something really quick that somebody brought up to me that has been kind bugging me. This person said that me being an anti fascist, it would be better for me to worship Týr more than Thor because in their eyes, Thor is more likely to turn a blind eye to some of his followers being fascists as opposed to Týr not seeming like he would tolerate that at all. Thoughts?

then I guess it’s lucky I’m such an opinionated little shit, haha
And my opinion is this: That is complete and utter nonsense. Absolutely ludicrous. A truly abysmal take. 0/10 no credence whatsoever. There’s not a single god that abides fascists an iota: they have – and I can not stress this strongly enough – No place in heathenry at all. They are a non-factor. Less than negligible. So utterly worthless that, in comparison, pocket-lint would be a fair trade for Freyr’s Lordship of Alfheim… lmao

In short; I disagree, haha

Seel! x