Hello! I was wondering if you know much about …

Hello! I was wondering if you know much about nott and mani, and if you would be willing to tell me some things about them! I am only just getting into this stuff and I haven't connected to any kind of deity before, but these two are connected to things i like.

Pretty much all of what I “know” is UPG so the usefulness of this to you will be subjective, but hopefully it’ll be of some use…

So to start, what is known? Or – as I would consider to be more accurate – what is recorded in the existing texts? In the Poetic Edda both Máni and Nótt are mentioned, albeit passingly:
From Vafthrúdnismál (23rd stanza) we are told via a conversation between Odin and Vafthrúdnir that Mundilfari is the father of both Máni and Sól who turn in the sky each day so that people can count the years.
Again from Vafthrúdnismál (25th stanza) we are told via the same conversation that Nótt is the child of Nör, and along with Dag is responsible for new moon and the tides so that people can tell time.
So pretty much what you’d expect to be said about the deific personifications of The Moon, and Night so far haha 

Moving on now to the Prose Edda, Snorri expands on these introductions in Gylfaginning…

Máni: Snorri states that Mundilfari was a man who had two children so beautiful that he named them Máni and Sól. The gods perceived this as hubris on his part (and yes, I am purposefully drawing attention to the potential Greek influence/parallel here) and decided to punish him by banishing his children to the sky to serve (as?) the celestial bodies for which they were named, Máni controlling the movement, and waxing and waning of the moon. Two human children, Bil and Hjúki, are said to have been taken up from Midgard by him to accompany him in the sky, it is also said that he will be consumed by Mánagarm at Ragnarök. 

Nótt: Snorri states that Nótt is the child of the jotun, Nörfi. She has a string of marriages; first Naglfari (their child is Aud), second Ánar (their child is Jörd), third Delling (their child is Dag). Odin is said to have given Nótt and Dag horses so that they could be drawn across the sky in wagons, Nótt’s horse being named as Hrímfaxi whose spit is claimed as the source for dew (this is also claimed in


Now for my personal thoughts:
Máni: I don’t have all that much to add on Máni, really – my perception/understanding of him is that he’s peaceful, hopeful, protective in an unaggressive manner, longing, comforting, a patron of good dreams, strengthening to the mind and spirit, connected with silver, and magic, and love. 

Nótt: If you’re familiar with the Daedric Prince, Nocturnal from the Elder Scrolls games then you have a fair idea of my perception of

Nótt (I already perceived

Nótt in those ways, I just made the connection after playing Skyrim, so calm tf down any anti-pop culture paganism people potentially reading this) she’s Calm but in a quasi-foreboding manner, like, she’s chill in general but also doesn’t need to display how dangerous she (potentially) is because she just is. She’s enveloping, either like a loved-one’s embrace or death-shroud. She is alluring, and she is cautionary. She’s a patron of mystery, secrecy, thievery, luck, fear, imagination, dreams, sleep, nocturnal activities and animals, conspiracy and plots, connected with all darkness and shadows, and wishes.

And finally here are the links to the pieces written for Máni and Nótt

Again, I hope this is helpful to you anon 🙂