I'm not a pagan but lately I've felt…

I'm not a pagan but lately I've felt drawn to Norse mythology. I feel a connection with Thurisaz, lately it just keeps appearing everywhere randomly (e.g. I've read that it's linked to hawthorn, a tree that my brother associated with me years ago). Also tonight I dreamt of an old bearded man, he just told me "you know who I am" and I woke up, thought "oh he's Odin" and fell asleep again. Are these signs that it's the right time for me to convert to paganism or am I reading too much into this?

oh cool, that’s some pretty exciting stuff! 😀

I think… certainly these can be read as signs, pushing or calling you to a certain path and if you want to heed them then I encourage you to do so, but… I wouldn’t necessarily phrase it as signalling a “right time” so much as signalling the possibility or opportunity, maybe just indicating that the option is there.
Because ultimately whether it’s the right time or not comes down to you and what you want and are prepared to do, i think.
If you feel drawn to the Norse gods (even if only to Odin), if you can imagine yourself practising Norse paganism and it feels right, like it excites you, you feel motivated towards it, you feel a desire for it… then I would say it’s the right time. If Norse paganism is what you want in your life, then your desire and willingness for it are what will make it the right time – a sign like that is only really an invitation, you still have to choose to go to the party 🙂