This may sound like an odd question, but im ne…

This may sound like an odd question, but im new to heathenry. Is it alright it i dont worship every single god? Im not trying to spund dumb but there are so many, and of course i respect them all, but i find myself forgetting gods and i feel like its kinda disrespectful.

There’s nothing wrong with your question, anon – don’t worry 🙂

Not everyone worships all the gods – at least not actively, I wouldn’t say that I do, honestly – like you, I respect them all and every so often I give prayer to them all en masse but for the most part I pray, offer, and meditate to the five of them that I feel most connection to (and of those, three of them are more prominent, still). From what I understand that’s pretty much the case for most Norse pagans – most people have one or a few gods that they feel more connection with and give more attention to than the others.
And there are a lot of gods. I feel that it’s pretty reasonable that you aren’t always going to remember them all, and especially while you’re still new to things.

Also, there are accounts of the Norse people having specific sects dedicated and focused on one god in particular, like Freyr for example, so there you go – historical precedent! haha