so, ive been doing rituals, readings, and poem…

so, ive been doing rituals, readings, and poems for years and want to do readings for people on here, as i love doing them and want to help people as much as i can, but i cant seem to get any traction on my posts. i put a ton of work into them, and tag them in all the right places, but still get nothing. any advice?

hm… that’s a tricky one anon, sometimes it can just come down to the luck of who sees your posts, and the day you happen to post and there isn’t a lot that you can do to influence that although one thing I try to do sometimes is to notice where the majority of your audience is located geographically (which for me is the Americas, I think) and post during times when they’re most likely to be active, but even then nothing’s guaranteed, I mean NGC has almost 10,000 followers but my notes don’t really reflect that hahaha – plus you’re also dealing with tumblr’s bullshit algorithms, tag sorting, and post ordering, etc. I dunno if there’s much else I can really offer in way of advice, sorry :/ but if you’d like to DM me, maybe I could check out your blog? 🙂