Recently ive been seeing wolves more. Taxiderm…

Recently ive been seeing wolves more. Taxidermy (which makes me sad. I'm an avid hunter but predators are far to important to be hunted for sport) on Tumblr on tv. Theyve just been popping more into view. When i was young I wanted to work with wolves and wolf dogs for a living and that dream was crushed by a protective relative; and i havent thought about it in a long time but recently these gorgeous creatures have been popping in and out. (1/2)

I’ve started thinking about it again for the first time in ages. And ive also been feeling more rage recently due to the unjust systems in my country, been feeling more revolutionary. I think it may be Fenris trying to contact me. And i was wondering about your take on it. Wolves havent been in my passion for a very long time and recently that spark has returned.

(Wolf hunters are far outside of my favour too, personally – it’s fucking gross.)
I can’t remember where I saw it now, maybe a doco or something but I remember seeing something that might interest you about a guy who kept wolves and hung out with them, and he would play and wrestle with them and he would let them put their jaws right around his throat and he spoke about how it was a kind of trust exercise like showing that he was trustworthy because he trusted them not to hurt him when his life was in their metaphorical hands – really interesting stuff.

From what you’ve described… yea that’s all very Fenrir to me. As I always say about this sort of thing; I don’t actually know and I can’t and shouldn’t be used or considered as any form of authority on signs and interactions with the gods but, I would probs be reading it that way haha, at least I’d encourage you to pray, offer, and attempt contact (if that’s what you want) and see how things go from there 🙂