Is there possibly like a No Fear Shakespeare v…

Is there possibly like a No Fear Shakespeare version of the Eddas? I'm dyslexic, so reading is kinda hard especially with the different speech patterns and cadences and words, and listening to an auditory version is hard for me to comprehend because it takes me a few minutes to understand the gist of what's happening. Then, by the time I get it, the place has moved on in the book and it's complicated trying to find where I was.

hm… not really that I’m aware of, unfortunately :/ the best that I think I can do for that is something that I haven’t personally read but GLE recommended as a “quick and dirty” rundown of the myths: Kevin Crossley-Holland’s The Norse Myths that they quantified by saying “It’s still full of inaccuracies and author bias, but it has less of both than can be found in similar books. Reading this is not a substitute for reading the original texts.” I know it’s not what you’re looking for, I’m sorry, but maybe someone else knows something that fits better?

I hope you can get your hands on something helpful,

Edit: Adding in this link to a suggestion sent in by another anon