I’ve been thinking about worshipping Tho…

I’ve been thinking about worshipping Thor, but I’m not sure could you maybe give me some basic information?

For sure! A simple overview for starters (all names are anglicised here): Commonly known as the protector of Midgard, Thor is said to guard the border between our realm and Jotunheim to prevent the encroachment of Giants into our world. He’s generally perceived and called to as a god of strength, protection, storms and all their components, goats, oak trees, and fun in general. His signature weapon is the Dwarf-made Mjolnir, a hammer which he carries in conjunction with his iron gauntlets and his belt, Megingjord which work to double his already legendary strength. His chariot is pulled by two goats, Tanngrisnir and Tanngnjostr. His parents are said to be Odin and Jord, his wife – Sif, and his children – Magni, Modi, and Thrud. In UPG (which I 109% support and love) he is considered a patron god of lesbians (and, imo, all sapphic women).

And now here are just a bunch of links to some of my other posts about Thor and or beginning in Norse paganism 😀

Good luck and have fun,

Edit: oops, I meant SPG, not UPG… eh, I’m sure y’all know what I meant