hi, I'm the girl who just asked about wha…

hi, I'm the girl who just asked about what to do with the offerings after they've been offered, I just saw you very recently replied a similar ask, so no need to answer that question! My other question was what do people mean exactly when they say "I work with X god/goddess". How do you work with them? In what way? Thanks for your time!

haha, that’s all good 🙂

It can mean different things, I think. Some people work with the gods by having their influence in their day to day life giving them guidance and/or working towards a specific goal. Practitioners of magic can work with the gods by involving them in their practice. Some might mean that they coexist harmoniously with their god(s), each helping and giving to the other in perhaps a bit more of a casual or informal sense and working together in that way. I hope that clears it up a bit for you 🙂

My pleasure,