fabulouspizzadelivery: OMG, Okay I just starte…


OMG, Okay I just started to see the new Netflix series Hilda. After I first saw the trailer, I thought, “Hey, it looks like Norway / Sweden”. And I mean in every detail, from landscape to house and interior. BUT the best and most unexpected thing is that it’s a legit beautiful and cute representation of our myths and folklore. No typical American figthing with ridiculous over powerd

creatures as its often is display as on tv. No pure good vs pure evil shit like in lord of the rings. But more how the fairy tales actually is told here!

The trolls fear of bells, the life of the last giants,  people who invade the Huldrefolks settlements!
It’s like my grandmother’s fairy tales I heard as a child. The normal life of a normal human and the normal “hidden world.” 

So this series is not only cute and aesthetic, it is smocked with cultural undertones and folklore references, as well  a good show  representation

our myths of the “hiden world” of elfes, trolls, huldror, rå and giants.

The creators of Hilda did their research, i if you have the cultural understanding of the myths it gives sooo much more depth and meaning to ditales! 

12/10 would recomend!