Tag Game!

thanks for the tag, @cas-sauntered-vaguely-downwards

RULES: Bold the statements that apply to you, italicize your aspirations, and tag 9 people.

AIR: I have small hands – I love the night skyI watch small animals and birds when I pass them byI drink herbal tea – I wake up to dawn – the smell of dust is comforting – I’m valued for being wise – I prefer books to music – I meditateI find joy in learning new truths from the world around me

FIRE: I don’t have straight hair – I like to wear ripped jeans – I play an organised sport – I love dogsI am not scared of adventureI love to talk to strangersI always try new foods – I enjoy road trips – summer is my favorite season – my radio is always playing

WATER: I wear bracelets on my wrists – I love the bustle of the city – I have more than one set of piercingsI read poetryI love the sound of a thunderstorm – I want to travel the world – I sleep past midnight most days – I love dimly lit diners and fluorescent signs – I re-watch kids’ shows out of nostalgia – I see emotions in colors not words

EARTH: I wear glasses – I enjoy doing the laundry – I am vegetarian or vegan – I have an excellent sense of time – my humor is very cheerfulI am a valued adviser to my friendsI believe in true loveI love the chill of mountain airI’m always listening to music –  I am highly trusted by the people in my life

AETHER: I go without my makeup in daily lifeI make my own artwork – I keep on track of my tasks and time – I always know true north – I see beauty in everything – I can always smell flowers – I smile at everyone I pass by – I always fear history repeating itself – I have recovered from a mental disorder – I can love unconditionally

There’s almost ten-thousand of you following NGC, now which is amazing but way too many for me to just pick out nine, so to everyone that sees this and is interested, consider yourself tagged 🙂