Queer Anger

I bathe in an ancient rage,
Intent to strike you from history’s page.
This curse be not idle quips;
Your tongue be torn from ‘tween your lips!

You hateful scum, gone be your voice
Your fate sealed by your phobic choice.
Each breath you take, now agony;
From this queer you’ve crossed you’ll have no mercy.

Your flesh be shred by burning claw,
Your bones carved with your every flaw.
In your mind’s deepest recess,
Terror reigns with no egress.

May your form peel and rot,
Your spirit wither and be forgot.
As my pride grows ceaseless in boldest hue;
Not gay as in happy, but queer as in fuck you!

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This fun little piece has been inspired by the fact that on any given day i am just 999% done with transphobes, biphobes, homophobes, acephobes, et-fucking-cetera! and my fury has only been compounding recently 🙂
So here you are, all my lovely fellow LGBTQIA+ folks – if you want – just whip this out anytime you get an itch to curse a bigot and know that I’m cursing right along with you <3