So ive gotten into norse heathenism and so far…

So ive gotten into norse heathenism and so far your one of the only blogs I can learn from without fascist and rascist nonesense (which, thanks by the way, for being a decent human) anyway, I've gotten into praying and giving offerings and just ya know, talking to the gods when i can, but I've heard about time casting and rune sets and i was just wondering if you could give me a little more information? Thanks again for being so generally rad.

haha it’s quite literally my pleasure, anon 🙂

I have never before heard of time casting so I’m afraid I can’t really help there, sorry.
As for runes, I can give some information but I really don’t know much outside of general spiritual connotations/significance and the difference between the Elder and Younger Futharks, honestly you should take a look through @thorraborinn‘s posts, they’d be a lot more help, I think. Also helpful is den-frusna-eken’s Runic Study Directory.