Latest thing I’ve come up with in the “Shieldm…

Latest thing I’ve come up with in the “Shieldmaiden Center for Innovation and Development” (aka my house):
The Shieldmaiden has been busy in her Viking workshop.

I’ve always been deeply affected by the stories of babies forgotten in hot cars. Nearly every case of that has been a disruption in routine and habit. I didn’t fully understand how pervasive habit is in the blueprint of our brains until I read the book, “The Power Of Habit” (which I highly recommend). Our lives retread the same paths over and over, and to be more efficient, our brains cut corners by blindly following habit patterns, without us even being conscious of it. This is exemplified when we are tired or stressed. And if there’s one thing babies make you, great though they are, it’s tired.

So when babies get left in cars it’s not that the parents are bad, or stupid, or “just don’t love their baby enough”….it’s that they often mixed up their patterns. The other parent dropped off today than usual, hit the memory cue, got their coffee, got in the car, turned on a podcast and hit automatic pilot. Next thing you know they’ve gone to work like they usually do, and there you go.

All it takes to disrupt the pattern is a cue. As some people say, leave a shoe or a phone in the back seat. Since babies at rear facing now, it’s even easier to just not see them (particularly if they’ve fallen asleep). So here’s what I’ve made to help.

It’s a “baby on board” hanging tag. Leave it in the car seat. If you put the baby in the seat, hang the tag from your rear view mirror. Then you have both an action, and a reminder in your field of view, that your routine is different. When you get to where you’re going, put it back in the car seat after you get little peanut out. Even if you aren’t the usual drop off parent, you don’t need to worry so much now.

Made from solid basswood; cut and etched on my laser (by me of course). #viking #shieldmaiden #shieldmaidencandleworks #babyviking #mama #parenting #momlife #babyshower #baby #babyshop