I've been worshipping the gods for a few …

I've been worshipping the gods for a few months now (I don't even knoe what I'm asking im just looking for guidance from someone who believes in the gods and isn't a nazi) and i just, idek, i dont feel a real connection with the gods, or maybe i do? I don't know, does that make sense? Ive never been religious until i was pulled into norse paganism and i love it and i love our gods dearly but I worry that maybe they dont love back and that's why I don't feel a connection.

well you can be guaranteed that my queer, Jewish, lefty butt ain’t a nazi so you’re definitely in the right place, lol.

That does make sense, actually. Sometimes I reach out with all my heart and there’s just… silence. And it sucks, it’s such a bummer! Other times I feel like, “hm… is that a god’s presence, or is there just a draught in here?” haha, so yea it makes sense.
I do believe that the gods love back. I’ve seen some others claim that the gods don’t have the whim to love us or something along those lines and I can’t discredit their experiences but that hasn’t been my own.
Sure, sometimes the gods can be busy. Sometimes I can be in the wrong headspace for spiritual stuff. Sometimes they just might not wanna talk, or it might be better for me to go without contact. There are really any number of reasons why you might not feel a connection at times, or be unsure of the legitimacy of what you feel. Some of it can be clarified through time and experience, and some of it might require an adjustment of approach – and on that subject, here’s two past posts of mine with suggestions on contacting the gods, 1 and 2.
It’s also important to remember that not everyone can feel some direct connection to the gods but that doesn’t make their faith or practice any less meaningful, and even those that do can do so at varying degrees. What I do know is that I have had experiences of feeling gods’ presences and in those experiences I’ve felt their love so for whatever it’s worth, that’s my belief.