Hi, so this is gonna be alot maybe but i dont …

Hi, so this is gonna be alot maybe but i dont really know who else to ask cause i am surrounded exclusively by christians. So like 6 years ago i got struck by lightning, almost died, i have some pretty bad brain damage because of it. But i found norse heathenry and its really changed my life but i have short term memory loss and brain damage and i really really struggle remembering all the gods. Is that okay? I feel so disreapectful when sometimes i forget Heimdall and others.

Wow that’s an intense experience!

That’s totally okay anon!
Number one I would be pretty surprised if very many people remember all the gods all the time – I mean, I don’t. Usually when I pray to the gods en masse I call those primary in my worship by name and then tend refer to the others under the general title of “(my) gods”.

Number two, even ignoring that ^ given your personal specifics of having brain damage and short term memory loss I think the gods would find it perfectly reasonable that you don’t always remember them; most certainly they understand, and know that you don’t mean any offense by it.