Hello! I'm curious about the Norse panth…

Hello! I'm curious about the Norse pantheon, do you happen to have any websites you'd recommend? The ones I find are super confusing, and I feel I can't fully understand. Thank you!! 💕💕

hmm… websites, I’m not so sure, for learning about the gods I would tend to recommend an approach of reading old sources like the Poetic Edda, supplemented with diverse accounts from individuals and academic writings, and a lot of prayer and meditation…
So actually I s’pose I’d recommend wikipedia not for information but because usually the pages on the gods there list their attestations in the poems and sagas so you can use that to find where you can read about them in those sources which is helpful. On that same note Norse Mythology by John Lindow and/or A Dictionary of Norse Mythology by Rudolf Simek are both good books for quick reference and such. 

@hedendom has a useful, well put-together list of the gods and other spirits, here 

The Viking Answer Lady is good, but there isn’t really much on the gods there 

Huginn’s Heathen Hof is decent but of course be aware of UPG and writers’ bias 

Dr. Jackson Crawford’s youtube channel is also good 

Other than that, I’ve made a [non-exhaustive] list of other Norse pagan blogs I like and recommend before, here
And a few suggested reading lists, here

“Fully” (that being as full as can reasonably be expected when talking about gods) understanding will take a lot of reading and learning though, it won’t happen quickly or with just a few resources, it’ll require a considerable investment of your time and energy, so I wish you luck.

I hope this is helpful anon <3