Hi, I recently started to follow the ways of A…

Hi, I recently started to follow the ways of Asatru and i am not sure how the offering work entirely, it may seem sill but i am not to sure how to offer something to the gods. can you please help? Seel!

it’s not silly anon, none of us know anything to begin with, we all have to learn and keep learning – never be embarrassed to seek knowledge 🙂

Offerings can be a big deal, but they don’t have to be – it just depends on how you feel and what you think is most appropriate at the time. Probably the most formal ritual of offering is a blót. But for just everyday offerings a blót is unnecessary;
I prefer to give offerings outside, at some form of altar (it can be as simple as a tree log), either with a fire or somewhere where I can bury it afterwards. Optionally you might want to set up some candles or incense. You may want to hallow the space first (I do), then start with a call to the god/s being offered to which can be as simple as, for example, “Skadhi may you hear me, and this I offer be to your liking” or whatever else you’re comfortable saying, then present the offering on the altar (you may also want to hallow/bless the offering itself), I like to sit or kneel and pray/meditate for a while then, and once finished give thanks to the god/s for their time and attention before disposing of the physical remnants of the offering; burn it if it’s safe to burn, bury it if it’s safe to bury, or otherwise dispose of it however it’s safe to do so. I personally never eat or drink something that I’ve given in offering – Firstly because it’s no longer mine, I gave it as a gift. Secondly I believe that an aspect of it now resides in either a liminal space between or already in the realm of the god it was offered to and consuming it could be… risky. You might feel differently though and that’s okay.
If you have a permanent altar then you might choose to leave certain offerings on it as permanent fixtures such as stones, or feathers, or whatever else.
If offering outside isn’t a possibility then inside is okay too and it’s easier to have a permanent altar in that case, I still prefer to dispose of the items outside in that circumstance but I can’t say that it’s necessary.

I hope this helps you, good luck