I understand that people take norse names some…

I understand that people take norse names sometimes if they follow the gods. Not sure if its called taking a byname but i cant find any information about why its done, and used. I was hoping you could help. Seel!

I just know it as taking a Heathen name; as far as I know it’s basically like a reversal of Christian converts taking a Christian name to signify their coming over and… i guess fealty, to their new god. It’s not a requirement or anything but for some people it can help them feel a closer or deeper connection with Heathenism and the gods, especially if they have a heavily Christian-based name like… Christian… but yea, basically it’s just done if you feel like it 🙂
OR it can also be done as a signifier of having taken an oath of devotion and/or just feeling a particularly strong connection to a god. Again though, not universally required.

On a similar but separate note, I think kennings are pretty cool; I enjoy the poetry of them, and the kind of description-of-essence that they can be. But they strike me more as something another person/people have to give you, than something you can take for yourself, haha 🙂

I hope I helped,