Hi, do you have any recommendations for connec…

Hi, do you have any recommendations for connecting to Fenrir? I really need his help in breaking some chains and breaking through the cycle of fear that this person has trapped me in. I dont want them to have control over me anymore. I know Fenrir can help but im not sure how to approach him

For this particular situation I think what I would do would be to practice envisioning and building a sense of confident ferociousness in his name/image; the resilience of anger and the desire for freedom – focusing on them and allowing them to give you the strength and drive to pursue a course of action for your liberation.

Other than that, to pray and offer:

This is my Fenrir tag for pieces I’ve written

For material offerings, some suggestions I have are: things coloured black, coal, [ethically sourced] wolf items like teeth, wolf imagery items like pendants, items related to or representative of oaths like rings, frayed rope, broken chain-links, chew toys, meat and bones, dark beers like stout, pumpernickel

And then for offering-acts:

  • Wearing the colour black.
  • Supporting and working with wolves, and wolf conservation and protection groups.
  • Standing and acting in solidarity with the oppressed and exploited against their oppressors and exploiters (eg. the homeless – cops and the rich, women – men, poc – white people, workers – bosses, etc.).
  • Engaging with revolutionary efforts (eg. solidarity with working class strikes (especially wildcat strikes), prison abolitionists, etc.).
  • Activities of self-empowerment and liberation (eg. Cutting toxic people out of your life, practising self defence, etc.).
  • Studying and disseminating anarchist theory [link to The Anarchist Library – all free].
  • Practising ropework (most specifically knots, and their weaknesses).
  • Practising fighting sports and martial arts that incorporate techniques for incapacitating limbs (eg. Joint locks, nerve cluster manipulation).
  • Sabotaging and destroying traps.
  • Taking steps to break your bonds; this means socially constructed ones like, for example, the burdens of society’s expectations of cishet normalisation but also literal physical ones – practising escapology, maybe start by learning how to break out of a ziptie.
  • Howling, especially at the moon, (listen to recordings of wolves to learn the tonalities and pitch changes) plus it’s pretty fun.
  • Raising, adopting, and playing with dogs.
  • Praying and offering during an eclipse.

I hope you have good luck in contacting him and success in your goals,