A Midsummer Prayer

On this day my heart is merry
In thoughts of you, my gods
The longest day of year has come
Now I offer toasts and nods

I hold you in my thoughts, great Sol
As I’m longest in your gaze
So I celebrate all life and warmth
You gift me by your blaze
Seel Sol!

I hold you in my heart, sweet Freyja
As your love pervades this air
So I praise all guard and ardor
You bring me through your care
Seel Freyja!

I hold you in my thoughts, bright Baldr
As radiance I enjoy
So I think of your enriched rapport
With all, both proud and coy
Seel Baldr!

I hold you in my mien, soft Freyr
As in peace are my surrounds
So I cherish all fertility
That for this day, abounds
Seel Freyr!

I hold you in my health, young Idunn
As I give thanks for life
So I recognise the fortune
In this day free of all strife
Seel Idunn!

I hold you in my joy, gold Sif
As rich bounty I’ll consume
So I thank your generosity
Of sweet food and perfume
Seel Sif!

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Requested by anon
A prayer for the Summer Solstice