So I've been thinking a lot about the aft…

So I've been thinking a lot about the afterlife. I know there's other places to go other than Valhalla, but I'm not really sure what they are? Do you have any sources I could look at to get a better understanding? Thank you so much in advance, I absolutely adore your blog!!

you’re welcome in advance, and thank you too – i’m really glad you do! 🙂

First I think you should look into primary (and primary-ish) sources that mention Hel and Folkvangr like Grimnismal, Gesta Danorum (Book I), Baldrs Draumar, Gylfaginning, Helreid Brynhildar, and Egil’s Saga.
Then after that I would suggest H.R. Ellis Davidson’s, The Road to Hel

There’s also these two webpages which I don’t recommend unconditionally but if you’re looking for something succinct and online, they’re fine and have their sources listed: Hel and Folkvangr.

Then if you wanna start getting into UPG/SPG, here’s an explanation I gave of my own beliefs about the afterlife/afterlives