Hello and good day! I have been on my journey …

Hello and good day! I have been on my journey with paganism for awhile now, and was curious on more personal insight from you. this might be a little odd so my apologies. I was wondering, despite the media, what characteristic do you affiliate with each God? Such as; Thor to strength and so on. Next is, what crystals/stones do you affiliate with the gods as well? Specifically Freyja, Mani, and Odin, (but feel free to include others if you have time) Thanks, you can post this on your blog btw!

hey there! 🙂
Hel no that’s not odd – those’re really cool and interesting questions!

Okay so characteristics (I dunno if I’ll be able to keep it to a single word for each but I’ll try my best to keep ‘em short).
I just wanna say first though, that I don’t believe that any of the gods are necessarily the sole patron of any particular trait, activity, or whatever else and I think a lot of them overlap in their spheres of influence a lot so what I’m gonna do is just list the characteristics that I think are the most prominent for each god but just keep in mind that a lot of them will also be applicable to other gods, too, imo:

  • Baldr: Light, Purity, Hope
  • Bragi: Eloquence, Charm, Flirtatiousness
  • Eir: Healing, Peace, Security
  • Fenrir: Revolution, Insurrection, Yearning
  • Forseti: Equilibrium, Resolution, Judgement
  • Freyja: Lust, Pleasure, Fierceness
  • Freyr: Love, Selflessness, Propagation
  • Frigga: Comfort, Wisdom, Solemnity
  • Hati: Ravenousness, Relentlessness
  • Heimdallr: Vigilance, Perception, Liveliness
  • Hel: Serenity, Silence, Pensiveness
  • Hodr: Dark, Responsibility, Redemption
  • Idunn: Rejuvenation, Innocence, Eternity
  • Jormungandr: Boundaries, Mutualism
  • Loki: Subversion, Liberty, Fluidity
  • Magni: (Reactive) Protection, Compassion, Solidarity
  • Mani: Tranquillity, Transcendence, Clarity
  • Modi: Rescue, Inheritance, Improvement (on the past), 
  • Njord: Reciprocation, Oscillation, Exploration
  • Odin: Knowledge, Intellect, Hoaxing
  • Sif: Presentation, Fashion, Dignity
  • Sigyn: Loyalty, Prevention, Conservation
  • Skadhi: Vengeance, Insistence, Menacing
  • Sol: Enlightenment, Invigoration, Positivity
  • Syn: Indomitability, Impassability, Reliability
  • Thor: (Proactive) Protection, Joyousness, Bravado
  • Tyr: Justice, Courage, Discipline
  • Ullr: Competitiveness, Celerity, Recreation
  • Vali: Requital, Maturation
  • Vidar: Sureness, Retribution, Legacy

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As for stones and crystals (I’m only doing the gods you specified because I’m already working on a larger project that covers all of the gods and a bunch of different things I associate with them all, including stones), I’ve already covered Odin here so for…

Freyja: Ilmenite, Tiger’s Eye, Julienite, Jasper, Beryllonite, Aphthitalite, Charoite, Valentinite, Tourmaline, Sapphire, Bloodstone, Amazonite, Astrophyllite, Garnet, Hauynite, Stibnite, Chrysocolla, Turquoise, Heterosite, Manganite, Stilbite, Rhodonite, Empressite, Agate, Bowenite, Coral, Sodalite

Mani: Moonstone (shocker, I know), Charoite, Actinolite, Enargite, Luzonite, Aragonite, Moldavite, Australite, Smithsonite, Bentorite, Celestite, Hiddenite, Kammererite, Lepidolite, Amethyst, Peridot, Epidote, Datolite, Anhydrite, Prehnite, Idocrase, Bloedite, Azurite