So i started worship about 2 months ago. Ive r…

So i started worship about 2 months ago. Ive read to prose and poetic eddas, ive given offerings of mead, milk, and honey, and ive recited their names and titles every night for the past month and a half. But i dont feel like im connecting at all. I understand signs definately dont come right away, or maybe they do and it takes years to recognize them, but i dont feel any presence when im offering. Im worries perhaps theyre denying me, or im doing something wrong? Any advice for a newcomer?

hm… I suggest you keep reading the Eddas – really get into them and theorise on them. I also suggest looking into the Sagas of Icelanders, and into academic writings (here’s a link to suggested reading lists).
Try calling to the gods to specifically ask for their attention/connection/presence. Meditate, both on the gods and yourself – set up a space however you find to be tranquil and calming (I like darkness, candles, and incense) and let yourself reflect and ruminate. 
You can also try switching up your offerings.
Also quite important (although pretty difficult, I know) is that I think you need to let go of your concern because that stress can be blocking for you and being relaxed about it all is a lot more conducive to your goals – don’t worry about whether you’re doing it right, or if they want to connect with you. Just exist in the moment.
You might also want to try praying outdoors like in a forest or a park for example.
You also might find being part of a kindred to be helpful if you’re into that

Good luck,