Hos exactly so i meditate on and work on emoti…

Hos exactly so i meditate on and work on emotional neutrality, and how would you say that connects to Tyr?

It’s hard anon, it’s really fucking hard… First I wanna explain that when I say “emotional neutrality” I don’t mean not feeling anything ever, I just mean the ability to control and stabilise your emotions when necessary so that you don’t just react in the moment but allow yourself clear-headed thought and rationale to plan and strategise in important and stressful situations.

For me, achieving this means spending time focusing on my emotions; the things that make me furious, sad, frustrated, ashamed, etc. and coming to terms with them – accepting what’s happened in the past and realising that it’s in the past and I can and have grown from that point, that I’m stronger and wiser now; I don’t feel hatred or fear towards my rapist anymore, not because they’re a better person and they deserve forgiveness or some shit – I wouldn’t know I never saw them since, and as far as I’m concerned all a rapist deserves is the Skadhi special – but because I deserve it, because having those feelings only hurt me and it took me years to do but I’ve grown from them and let them go and as a result I feel lighter. And don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t mean I don’t or wouldn’t still feel anger or want some kind of vengeance; I’m a gods-damned wrathful, vengeful bitch and I love it! But I’m not carrying those feelings around with me all the time, they aren’t a constant, ever-present aspect of my existence; they come, I feel them, and then they go.

It means accepting that these are healthy and natural emotions to feel but only so long as I don’t wallow in them. Anger inspires energy and action, sadness is a part of love, frustration is the catalyst for breakthroughs, shame can amend our poor behaviour, and so on. The trick is to feel these things, accept what they are and what they tell you about yourself, use them to grow, and then let them go. Emotional neutrality means that when you’re in a situation where your temper flares, instead of lashing out with your anger you let it wash over you, you mellow it and you use it to inspire a strategy to turn things to your advantage. 

And that’s how it relates to Tyr, because Tyr is a strategist. He doesn’t act without thinking, he feels his emotions but he isn’t ruled by them, he’s methodical and exact in his approach – when something pisses him off he doesn’t allow it to throw him and make him sloppy, he harnesses it and hones it into a razor sharp edge for his own advantage and once the task is complete the tool can be relinquished.