Survivor’s Peace-ward

From me may there come a glow
That halts all harmful intent’s flow
I’ll be untouched and undisturbed
By he that broke my trust, reserved

(Should he persist, his fate will twist
In vitiating fear he’ll be interred)

By Thor’s might, he’ll meet with squall
Should he attempt to seek my hall
The storm he’d bring, dissipated
His toxic will then left deflated

(Should he bluster, then tempest muster
By Thor’s wrath he’ll be subjugated)

In Freyr’s presence shall I be found
So malefic aims, by peace, be bound
A hand raised will ever fall placid
As aggressors nigh to me are trepid

(Should he assail, he’ll not prevail
In Freyr’s gaze he’ll wither, pavid)

With Syn’s vigilance, no intrusion
Upon my environs by male delusion
All doors to me and mine be locked
As his access to my life is blocked

(Should he encroach, there’ll be reproach
With Syn’s sanction he’ll be bone-rocked)

As Freyja’s terms, I’m safe and free
I’ll thrive and flourish in liberty
Over me, no man can reign
His demands I’ll never entertain

(Should he impose, he’ll see I’m rose
As Freyja’s thorns spring from my veins)

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This piece was requested by @freshfuturistik

The lines inside brackets are an optional curse-trap intended to trigger if the ward is breached.