hi:) i'm relatively new to norse paganism…

hi:) i'm relatively new to norse paganism, i've been doing my research and trying to connect with the gods, but like i said i'm really new. a few days ago one of my cats got out of the house without me noticing. i live in a dangerous area, so i was scared that something would happen to her and i just thought of was asking Freyja to please look after her (i kinda associate cats with her?). she has returned home safe, but i'm not sure how to properly show how thankful i am. could you help me out?

Hey there 🙂
Oh yea, I’d say Freyja was definitely the right call; that’s a common and strong association.

To give thanks I would suggest prayer and offerings; a couple pieces of mine that I think could work for you are Devotions to the Lady and A Call to Freyja (just replace all instances of “hear me”, “speak with me”, etc. with “thank you”).
And here’s an old ask where I listed some possible offerings for Freyja.

You might also want to give offering through actions, which I’ll try to make a list of possible options for in a separate post soon.