Is their anything i can do to feel closer to T…

Is their anything i can do to feel closer to Tyr and Thor.

I can make some suggestions 🙂 So presuming reading about them, praying to them, and giving material offerings are already being done…

For Thor:

  • Exercising and working out in his name.
  • Feats of strength (eg. weightlifting)
  • Acts of protection (eg. being the designated driver on a night out with friends).
  • Supporting shelters and support groups for survivors of abuse and assault.
  • Working with goats.
  • Planting/growing/caring for an oak tree.
  • Engaging with storms (such as meditating during one – I really strongly don’t suggest going out in a storm as it’s inherently pretty dangerous but just as a personal anecdote, I really like sitting out in Summer storms).
  • Fishing.
  • Splitting wood.
  • Smashing stuff with a (sledge)hammer (responsibly ofc. Not just wanton destruction).
  • Practising fighting sports and martial arts based in physical strength (eg. Boxing, Shotokan Karate, HEMA).
  • Being outspoken, and self assured.
  • Clapping during prayers/offerings in simulation/reference of thunderclaps.
  • Doing any of that on a Thursday.

For Tyr:

  • Acts of self-sacrifice and charity (eg. volunteering)
  • Acting with honesty, integrity, fairness, and justice.
  • Sabotaging traps.
  • Working with wolves.
  • Supporting wolf protection and conservation groups and efforts.
  • Practising fencing, Iaido, and/or any other martial arts that focus on or include swordsmanship.
  • Practising ambidexterity.
  • Practising calligraphy.
  • Standing in defiance of injustice, and illegitimate authority and hierarchies – which is almost all of them imo – (eg. antifascist organising).
  • Supporting amputee support groups.
  • Meditating and practising [healthy] connection and control of your emotions/emotional neutrality.
  • Practising mindfulness and grounding techniques.
  • Studying philosophy. (especially philosophies of equality and liberation) 
  • Doing any of that on a Tuesday.

I hope these work for you,