Hi, did you ever heard of cases where Loki lik…

Hi, did you ever heard of cases where Loki liked to play matchmaker in regards of one of his worshippers? I know Freyr and Hela don't care for my relationship status but Loki sort of became adamant about me getting into a romantic relationship recently. It is something I don't link to Loki. To me it would be more the area of expertise of Freya and Freyr. Thank you for the answer in advance.

Absolutely, I have.
(I’m not sure if you mean that Freyr and Hela don’t care about or are unhappy with your relationship status, but I’m assuming the former).

I get where you’re coming from. Usually when thinking of romance, Freyja and Freyr tend to be the first to come to mind and I would agree that they’re probably the most attentive and influential when it comes to that but I think lots of gods have at least some domain/influence in these areas. I mean, a lot of them are married (or were) and I think it’s safe to assume that most of them get laid so I figure they have at least some involvement with the general area, and I definitely think that includes Loki.
Even ignoring that ^ Loki tends to be a boundary-pusher, experience-seeker, and change-maker so I would think it’d be very in-line with his general M.O. that he would try and push you towards romance if he thinks it could be a growing-experience for you in some way. Not that, that means you’re obligated in anyway to enter into a romantic relationship; the decision is ultimately yours.