Okay, so I picked up a practice from some wicc…

Okay, so I picked up a practice from some wiccan family members where if we see a animal dead on the road we sort of send it off north with a hand motion to encourage it to move on and lately I've been going "may ____ take you" when I do this and I just kind of insert whichever god is on my mind at the time, so I was wondering who would be best to best to actually send the animals to because I'm not sure Thor appreciates me sending him raccoons.

that’s a nice practice, I like that 🙂

ahaha I dunno, Thor might appreciate raccoons…
I would say it can depend on the animal as to the appropriate god, for example if it was a cat I would suggest Freyja, a goat – Thor, deer – Freyr, raven – Odin, etc. and whatever particular associations you may UPG/SPG.
But I think Hela would be a good overall choice when you’re otherwise unsure.