If I may just say something to all those looki…

If I may just say something to all those looking into the Norse Cosmology and Heathenry: Please remember that many books on Norse mythos will tend to have certain point of views about them (i.e. Loki being evil and often compared to the Devil.) For those of you who are looking into this, do keep in mind that the author may put their own opinions in their books.

very true and an excellent point to keep in mind, thank you anon – which is pretty much exactly why I don’t recommend those types of books; because of the authoritative tone they tend to have while talking about subjective topics or conjecturing (though I have read one or two where the author was clear that they were just writing about their personal experiences, which I appreciated)

I’d like to add on to this that you also have to be watchful for racist and sexist bullshit when reading those types of books; some are overtly “Skyrim-belongs-to-the-Nords” level dipshittery but others are the more subtle kind where it’s actually possible that it wasn’t even intentional but just caused by the author’s ignorance and/or subconsciously held biases and bigotries and if you aren’t reading critically then you might not even realise and could potentially internalise it yourself.