I was having a conversation with one of my fel…

I was having a conversation with one of my fellow Pagan friends and they were trying to make the case that a lot of what we know about Norse Paganism is plagued with Xistian missionaries influence from that time period like (I think she said this, can’t really remember) the existence of Baldur being like the “Norse Jesus”, Loki being “evil like the Xistian devil” and Ragnarok is “like the Xistian rapture”. Thoughts???

hm, well I don’t know about “what we know about Norse paganism” because tbh anyone that buys into Loki being the “Norse devil” doesn’t know much at all… But these are pretty common misconceptions for both practicing Heathens and non-Heathens, and yes they do often come from negative Xtian influence or retellings/recordings – I mean it’s pretty well known by now, i think, that Snorri shouldn’t be read at face value because all he was really trying to do was preserve the poetic style and not really the integrity of the actual stories so much… and there’s not really any getting around that other than with a lot of reading. So generally yes, there’s definitely Xtian influence in the Eddas that requires identifying, acknowledgement, and thoughtful criticism