You should make a video pronouncing all of the…

You should make a video pronouncing all of the god(desses)s names and pronouncing related material/words for those of us that are too afraid to talk to the gods because we don’t know how to pronounce some of their names 😶

mm… I’m considering it but there’s a few things…
Number one I don’t have access to any quality recording gear – not a total deal breaker but still

Number two I’m pretty sure the information is already out there and I’d pretty much just be repeating it

Number three I’m no expert on the academic side of things I mean it’s more of a side-interest that I pursue in my free time, my talents are really just in the spiritual, and creative/writing side of things – when it comes to historical fact and stuff, linguistics, language, etc.; I mean I’m okay, I generally know what I’m talking about and I pull my info from sources I trust but there are definitely people who know more than I do and would be better suited to that sort of thing, I think

So… yes, I’m considering it; I have a lot of ideas and long-term plans for NGC and that’s a possible one, I think I’d enjoy making something like that 🙂

I want to say this though – I don’t think you should be afraid to speak to the gods because you don’t know how to pronounce their names in Old Norse. I understand your feelings, absolutely but I think it’d be good for you if you could overcome them because I don’t think it’s really so important to the gods. More important is your intention; if you’re trying your best and making an effort to communicate with them respectfully (including the pronunciation of their name) that’s what really matters.
Also, you’re not speaking Old Norse, you’re speaking whatever language you speak – I believe the gods’ names exist inline with all languages as they are gods of all and so it’s perfectly right for the pronunciation or even spelling of their name to alter depending on the language of the speaker, I think