I find myself in a bit of a predicament and wa…

I find myself in a bit of a predicament and was wondering your opinion. I find myself attracted towards both Wicca and Heathenry. I feel that the Rede and Threefold Law work well with fryth and wyrd, but I’m aware that such syncretism is generally frowned upon in most Heathen circles. My issue is that I can’t seem to just choose one without feeling that something is missing. I feel rather lost and confused and would like some help. Thank you.

So firstly, I’ve had to do a bit of rudimentary learning ‘cause I’m not familiar with Wicca pretty much at all other than some basic interactions with some Wiccans online.

So I’ve gone and read up a little on the Wiccan Rede, and the Threefold Law (nothing really in depth, pretty much just wikipedia explanations).

I do already have some knowledge of the Threefold Law (specifically from what I’ve seen some Wiccans express online – that “curses are bad always because they’re an expression of negative energy or something and they’ll come back upon you three-times worse”) and I think that’s perfectly reasonable and fine if someone follows it personally but as some kind of universal law, no, it’s kinda… eh. However… I did come across this which I thought was pretty interesting, but again I have zero experience with Wicca; I know as much as anyone else who knows nothing, so it could mean fuck-all for all I really know…

As for the Wiccan Rede, I’m going by this;
“do what you will if it harms none” 
which seems fair enough to me, so cool 🙂

Also here’s a link to a good discussion about wyrd

Now for their relation to frith and wyrd… I think they definitely can fit but that it’d depend on your definitions of each of the concepts and how you implement them in your life because part of (my understanding of) frith is that it requires being willing to seek restitution and stand against injustice and demand recompense for other’s harmful actions which can potentially involve conflict of some kind or other where you would be required to accept the responsibility of potentially harming someone so if I were to interpret the Wiccan Rede as “never harm anyone, ever – no matter what!” then those two concepts would be in conflict with one another. I don’t think that’s what the Wiccan Rede means though, I figure it probably means more like “don’t initiate a situation in which harm is caused” but leaves it open to your discretion as to what to do in response to someone else’s harmful actions in which case I think it’s compatible with frith – but again, I don’t actually know I’m just using conjecture. And also my understanding of frith isn’t necessarily universal; If a person were a dedicated pacifist I know that while none of the gods are themselves (I don’t believe so, anyway – though there’s a fair argument to be made for Freyr…), there are certainly aspects of the gods that would fit perfectly well with a pacifist, so it at least seems possible and reasonable to me

The Threefold Law is arguably compatible no matter how you interpret it because it seems to essentially just define the nature of the energy you exert and how it will impact you which doesn’t seem to contradict anything to do with frith or wyrd but rather just addend them – not in a way that I necessarily agree with, but that’s subjective.
So if the definition we’re working with is the one I’ve seen some Wiccans online employ; “whatever you do will come back to you times-three″ then it would affect wyrd (that – in accordance with the definition given by @answersfromvanaheim in the linked post – being changeable fate) by implying that employing actions with either an inherent negative or positive energy would eventually bring that energy back to affect you times-three. I personally don’t like that conceptual definition very much as a universal rule, but for an individual belief I have no issue with it.
But if the definition we’re working with is the one laid out in that link (here it is again) then it wouldn’t affect much unless you were dealing with a witch. That definition does seem intriguingly comparable to the edicts of gift-giving as written in Havamal though, just as a sidenote.

So after all that conjecturing and shit, what do I think? I have no problem with Wicca from what little I know of it. From my point of view, there’s no inherent problem with practising both Wicca and Heathenism, and tbh there’s always gonna be some Heathens (*glares blazingly at brosatruar*) getting pissy with you for something. My suggestion is that if you feel as though the two belong together in practice for you, then that’s what you should pursue 🙂 (that sentence rhymed a lot more than I intended lol)
It’s probably true that you might have difficulty finding other accepting Heathens to hang out with in person – just ask a Lokean or Rokkatruar what that’s like – but plenty of us exist online and are plenty friendly (such as me; always happy to have a chat and make a friend)

So do what you feel and be happy!