I'm enlisted and I'm a soldier, mou…

I'm enlisted and I'm a soldier, mountain infantry to be exact. Do you know any prayers for TYR that I can use to help guide me?

I do. I have some war-prayers that I’ve written in the past. I consider them specifically for use in class-war and antifascist struggle now (and other, personal forms of battle), not for nationalist militarism (as any state military is inherently nationalistic simply by its nature) though that is what they were originally written for and would probably still function in that purpose, despite my disavowal.

While I hold no hostility towards you, anon, I can’t in good conscience direct you to these pieces for your purposes as that, in my eyes, would be an act of support for the overall institution and social apparatus that you currently represent and work for which is in direct opposition to me and my ideals – I’m sorry.

If you’d be interested though, I would be happy to write a piece for you such as a blessing of peace; let me know.

Stay safe,