How do I know where I will go when I die as a …

How do I know where I will go when I die as a Norse Pagan? I’ve done some things in my past as a teenager that were very f’ed up and I’ve hated myself ever since… Does those actions automatically destine me to a terrible afterlife regardless of how much good I’ve tried to do since then to I guess “positively right my karma” and to just not be a piece of sh*t anymore???

the short, blunt answer is that you don’t and neither does anyone else. And in my experience anyone trying to tell you that they know what afterlife you’ll go to is really just trying to impose some kind of control over you.

Generally I believe that someone’s youthful actions don’t define their fate in death especially if they’re remorseful and learn from their mistakes. I can’t say for sure though because I just don’t know, my opinion here is really just conjecture and not worth any more than anyone else’s but take it for what you will – I believe amends are at least possible to be made.