Just ‘cause I feel like it always bears repeating, I’m gonna state all this again:

I’m a Jewish, lesbian, transwoman.

This is intended to be an inclusive and safe blog for EVERY Norse pagan. This means:

  • NO racism; this goes for overt nazi bullshit to the more subvert micro-aggression stuff. This includes cultural appropriation, pro-colonialism, non-Romani using the slur g*psy, antisemitism, and Islamophobia. You will be blocked.
  • NO LGBTQIAP+ phobia or exclusionism; yes even if you are LGBTQIA+; this includes TERFs, truscum, ace-exclusionists, etc. You will be blocked.
  • NO ableism; it’s not okay, and it’s not tolerated. You will be blocked.
  • NO antifeminism/misogyny; just… ew. This includes SWERFs! Ignoring the actual experiences and opinions of sex workers in favour of your own ignorant assumptions and puritanical reductionist garbage is bullshit and not, in any way, feminist. You will be blocked.

I don’t have time for any of this shit, just… be excellent to each other!