Hello, can you help me understand some things?…

Hello, can you help me understand some things? What is the difference between calling yourself a norse pagan and calling yourself asatruar? I like the idea of putting an importance on nature and divination/other magic but feel very strongly pulled to the norse gods

Asatru means “true to the Aesir” more or less, and specifically references the Aesir tribe of gods, there’s also Vanatru for the Vanir tribe, Lokeanism specifically for Loki and his family, and Rokkatru for Jotnar (which also includes Loki and his family).
Titling your practice as one doesn’t necessarily preclude the worship of deities in the other two but indicates that your focus is on that one in particular.
I prefer Norse pagan for myself because it doesn’t specify any particular grouping but rather refers to all Norse deities equally, and my primary focuses –

Freyja, Skadhi, The Fenrisulfr, Thor – are spread around a little.