Freyja I beseech
Take you from my belly
The pit that you have placed
That does not fill, but empty

Why, joyous, do I feel
Yet mired am I in misery
Have you no distraction
For me from my jealousy?

A poisoned thing, inside
A twisted chain of ugly
I wish for it’s demise
Yet it vies to imprison me

I seek freedom, Freyja!
No thoughts sent to haunt me
I wish for nothing but her best
And pray in deep sincerity

Yet still here I lay
My feelings in a fray
My stomach dropping, hollow
As I’m drowned in yesterday

I face a novel time
Could not foresee this year
Thinking now of all
That may leer, jibe, or jeer

A new path, upon, I’m thrust
In open waters now, I fear
Is there someone to be?
Or was she it, now nothing near

I pray to you, my Lady
To carry my heart clear
Or failing that, at least let’s sit
And have a fucking beer.

Seel se Freyja, and
Seel se me!


Here, have an emotional poem from an emotional girl that she just wrote, ‘cause why not?