Do you think that it's ok to wear a mjoln…

Do you think that it's ok to wear a mjolnir pendant? I have seen that they are sometimes used as hate symbols and it's important to me that I wear it as a connection to my path and heritage, but if it's been wrongfully appropriated I don't know if I feel right doing that.

(when I say “you” I’m using it in the broad, unspecified, plural sense – I don’t mean you, specifically, anon)

I wear a Mjolnir pendant so yes I think it’s ok, although I am a Jewish transgirl so I guess I’m kind of a walking rejection of nazism, already lol…

Alright, here’s the thing; Yes, I think it’s okay to wear a Mjolnir pendant. Personally though, I think those of us who do should be active and vocal about our rejection of the fuckstain-bigots – not just to stop them from misappropriating our symbols and making it harder for us to publicly partake in our faith, but to stand beside the people they use those symbols to attack and harass because that’s just the right thing to do, and I don’t know about you but that’s what I would like our faith to be known for – fighting for justice with the systematically oppressed. As is said in Havamal (more or less, I’m probs paraphrasing a bit), 

“Where you know of evil, declare it to be against you and give your enemies no peace”.

nazis aren’t just our enemies because they steal our shit, they’re our enemies because they are a constant and real threat promising violence, murder, suffering, and injustice to everyone that’s not them (read: white, male, cis, straight, and a fascist) – they are the antithesis of our ideals, and what’s the use of having ideals if you don’t do anything with them?

Of course there’s nothing stopping anyone who disagrees with nazism but doesn’t really wanna do anything about it from wearing a Mjolnir pendant, but since I’ve been asked for my opinion…
In my opinion that’s harmful.
In my opinion wearing a Mjolnir pendant without actively and loudly rejecting the scum helps them because it gives them plausible deniability, it gives them camouflage, it helps them hide by staying quiet just like you and creates confusion and uncertainty in the general public sphere so that no-one’s sure when someone wearing a Mjolnir pendant is a nazi or a legitimate Heathen.
In my opinion when it comes to nazis you can’t choose not to take a side because if nazis aren’t faced with loud, physical resistance then they’ll only grow and eventually you’ll be affected anyway so even if you don’t mean to, staying quiet only helps them and hurts the rest of us.
In my opinion it’s the responsibility of ever one of us to confront, smash, deplatform, and oppose nazism and all forms of fascism in whatever way we can* wherever it appears even if we don’t wear Mjolnir pendants – but especially if we do.

*YOU DON’T HAVE TO PHYSICALLY FIGHT NAZIS TO BE AN ANTIFASCIST; IT IS LITERALLY JUST A FRACTION OF ANTIFASCISTS WHO DO THAT, AND WHETHER YOU AGREE WITH THAT TACTIC OR NOT THE FAR MORE IMPORTANT ISSUE IS OPPOSING FASCISTS – There’s so much more to antifascist organising such as monitoring hate-groups’ activity, stickering & postering, educating, showing up as a peaceful counter-protester to their rallies; yelling over the top of them so their bullshit can’t be heard and showing that they’re outnumbered by those that oppose them, and more.
Also just fyi, “antifa” isn’t an organisation, it’s just the shortened form of “antifascist” and it’s an identifying label like… “cat-owner”, or “blonde”.

(Also no one bother with that “punching a fascist makes you a fascist” shit ‘cause that’s just straight-up nonsense. The espousal of white supremacist and nazi ideology is an active threat of violence and murder; responding to that threat is an act of self-defence. It’s fine if you disagree with a violent approach – and I encourage you to engage with antifascist organising however you think is best – but comparing the punching of a fascist to try and scare them away from organising fascism to the fascists’ very real promise of genocide, slavery, and torture should they ever gain power is intellectually dishonest and fallacious)